Eco- Friendly Hoese “ PRETTY BEACH HOUSE”

As the eco movement continues to gain momentum, now more than ever, hotels should be considerate of a consumer's desire to be close to nature. Many people dream of traveling down under to explore the sites and sounds of Australia and New Zealand, and staying at a place like the ‘Pretty Beach House’ would be a mega-bonus. This luxurious pad offers guests a tranquil escape, while nestled in the natural surroundings of Sydney, Australia. The ‘Pretty Beach House’ certainly lives up to its name, as it is situated on seven-acres of Australia’s most desirable land. Locations that utilize green initiatives and nature-loving architecture will continue to gain popularity. The crowded market of luxury/boutique travel emerges Pretty Beach House, an exclusive food-lovers Hamptons-esque private beach house resort just outside of Sydney that takes the concept of 'weekend' getaway to a new level.


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