Harmonic Cascade® Waterfalls

Luminous Water - Suspended in Air Available exclusively from Harmonic Environments. As water cascades over a light stainless steel mesh fabric, an extraordinary effect of luminous water suspended in air is created. The Harmonic Cascade® Waterfall is perfect for creating a large-scale, breathtaking focal point or a relaxing private space in both indoor and outdoor applications. Its seamless single panel can be crafted to virtually any dimension and radiantly illuminated with Harmonic Environment’s new energy efficient LED lighting packages. Harmonic Environments worked closely with the San Juan architecture firm SCF Arquitectos to custom design and fabricate a set of three large-scale Harmonic Cascade® Waterfalls for Puerto Rico's largest bank, Banco Popular. Located in the fashionable Hato Ray business district of San Juan these towering water features are some of the largest indoor architectural waterfalls of their kind. (772) 223-9011

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