Insilvis COLD FUSION, coat hook

This coat hook aims to be an homage to the actual research on physical phenomena related to Cold Fusion and, more generally, to Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Simplifying the complexity, it concerns the fusion of two materials to produce a heavier material, with a total mass that is less than the sum of the first ones, thus transforming the missing mass into energy. The industrial application of this principle, that could be imminent, would be a key step toward the development of sustainable forms of energy and, of course, in human history. Art and design have the chance to catalyst the amplify the suggestions related to any form of upcoming evolution.Three embedded crystal from Swarovski®, available with different combination of colours, symbolize the fusion process, starting from two sober conical volumes, connected by a stainless steel blade: the synthesis lies in the middle.The figuration of a locally confined and microscopic event, emblematic of a universal and generative process.


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