“EL MASTERPIECE”, Daniel & Noam Libeskind for Zumtobel

Inspired by the history of light, the chandelier is called eL Masterpiece, and to make it, the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind and his son Noam Libeskind developed an algorithm that expresses the 14-billion-year history of the cosmos in a 14-second loop. The loop was then transferred onto nearly 1,700 LEDs. eL Masterpiece changes with each second to visualize how stars have changed over billions of years. Commissioned by luxury lighting company Zumtobel, eL Masterpiece may symbolize the universe, but it looks more like a man-made lightening bolt, boldly zigzagging from the ceiling. Made out of a steel exterior and a 23-karat gold interior, eL Masterpiece is nearly nine feet tall and weighs 350 pounds.

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