Lamboo offered in beautiful H Window Company Systems

Lamboo Inc. has partnered with H Windows and integrated Lamboo Vue™ window and door materials within their product offerings. H Windows are built in America for architects, builders, and homeowners who demand the very best in quality, environmental, and energy efficient design. They offer the finest European designed, high-performance custom wood windows and doors offering two premium products H Windows and Nordic Doors with Lamboo, H Windows All over the world, the sun pours through more than 10 million very special windows. Revolutionary windows. H Windows. So sensible, so suprisingly simple, H Windows revolve a full 180° for easy cleaning and maintenance without intruding into the room. A remarkable hinge system is the H Window secret. Crafted in Norway by H Window industries, the H hinge has been the Scandanavian market leader for three decades. The superior performance and design of the H Window hinge has been proven millions of times around the world by the 60 companies in 10 countries using H Window Hinge Systems. Nordic Doors Built to the same level of H Window quality and performance, the Nordic Outswing Patio Door opens outward to save precious floorspace. Both sides of a double-wide door are fully operational, and include a 3-point locking mechanism for the ultimate in security. A fourth hinge near the top prevents sagging, and a unique wind brake stop allows the active leaf to be locked in any open position. The latch system locks the door with a simple twist of the handle. The aluminum exterior/Lamboo interior design produces the tightest air and water infiltration performance in the industry. Lamboo’s technology and sustainability allows it to add up to an additional 4 LEED points to the existing LEED qualified window and door systems. Lamboo, Inc. is continuing its initiative to make an environmental change through renewable resources, longer lasting products and practices with the assistance of partner companies like H Window.


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