Mac ToolBox – 12 high performance power pack utilities

Consisting of 12 cardinal Macintosh utilities, Mac Drive ToolBox is contrive to analyze and overcome the challenges, concerns that adversely affect the performance and lifespan of a Mac hard drive. Also, the utility includes free 'Data Encryptor' which hides confidential data from outside access. To tone up the Mac's drive health, the Drive ToolBox performs defragmentation of the volumes, Speed up slow and sluggish Macintosh by cleaning up of unwanted and unused files, it creates and resize volumes easily. 'Surface Scan' lists all the bad blocks present on the drive whereas verifying and repairing a corrupt or damaged drive is done by the 'Volume Repair'. The Drive Clone feature creates an exact replica of the volumes which acts as a backup in any crisis. Other features of the Mac ToolBox like Drive Initialize, Drive Performance and Drive Stats have their own specialty in initializing the raw Mac hard drive, measuring and maintaining the drive performance to the mark, identifying the troubleshooting areas and much more.


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