Shall we swing?

The 2011 collection consists of 19 models that can fit many styles of interior and every desire: minimalist, design, boudoir, classic or exotic. Ideal for large interior spaces such as lofts, this beautiful unusual object, used alone or in pairs, can also find its place in the living room, the chamber, the bathroom, the office, the reception,the waiting room, the lobby of a hotel or coffee. Swing is designed primarily for local and dry environments.However, it can be placed in outdoor spaces open but covered :verandas, terraces, winter gardens... Regardless of where you install it, Swing was created as a nod to childhood, its purity, its joy, its freedom and its lightness of being.Swing on it cheerfully or just gently, sit or use it also as a service for its clothes, Swing invites to the small pleasures of life, these few moments of happiness and dreams that allow a pause and a little detachment from everyday reality


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