Bespoke Post: Subscription Club for Men

Bespoke Post is a curated subscription club for men. We send our members a recurring “Box of Awesome” filled with products from emerging brands. We are helping men turn into gentlemen, one box at a time. February's box is Alchemy. It's a Japanese-inspired cocktail set filled with the tools the best mixologists in New York use. It includes a classic 2-piece Boston Shaker, a 4-prong strainer, one Japanese style jigger, a perfectly balanced teardrop barspoon, an extra-large 2" by 2" ice cube tray and the quintessential Angostura bitters. We pair this with recipes and instructional videos from expert mixologist Elayne Duke, so guys can immediately begin showing off their mixology skills. You can view pictures and her video here. January was entitled “Intangibles”, filled with accessories that add that touch of class to any man’s formal wear. December was entitled “The Cure,” focused on the dinner party host. November’s box was themed “Whiskey. It’s what’s for dinner”, embracing the delights of the whiskey connoisseur. Women can buy a 1, 3 or 6-month gift and be remembered as the best gift-giver ever. @bespokepost


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