Giselle Lounge Table by Anna Neklesa for Kerozene Design

Created by Anna Neklesa, a young and talented designer from Saint Petersburg, who joined the Kerozene Design Team. Anna is Russian and only 23 years old. What could she create more beautiful and better expressing a fresh look at modern Russia, this table? It drew its inspiration from an art in which the Russians are excellent: the Ballet. It was necessary to express the strength and grace in a drawing and make it happen by working with a factory in France able to master the technologies necessary to achieve the table. A design from Russia and manufactured entirely in France. The stainless steel plate or aluminum is covered with cataphoretic paint for protection. The blocks of storage that can accommodate magazines, newspapers or fabrics are even thinking about a ballerina tutu and legs are arranged in a position of a dancer. Various types of finishes: - Platform: Stainless steel or aluminum. Cataphoresis paint: white - black. - Feet: Solid oak varnished or painted. Guarantee 7 years. Dimensions: 800 x 1000 x 600-700 mm Price: from € 1400


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