What is inside? Look at the outside!

The creator of unique drink collections, ITIS Flowers Café has launched a new service - drinks to-go. Now the full collection of drinks made of the premium sorts of green tea and coffee will be served in unusual designer paper cups.“ We always wanted to give our clients the opportunity to bring their favorite drinks wherever they want. But at the same time we had to save our principal idea of product degustation. Any degustation is based on the appearance, aroma and taste. Not to spoil the aroma and taste we chose the paper eco and health friendly packaging. Specially for ITIS Flowers Café drinks collection the Design Agency YA created the unusual design of “transparent” paper cups. Such effect was achieved because of the 3-D image of the drink, printed on the cup “Not to draw the client’s attention to away from the product we always use “clear” and “transparent” packaging with minimum info. But at the same time natural single-color paper cups are absolutely featureless. Now drinks are advertising themselves. Just imagine a person walking along the street with “glass cup” in the hand! Wouldn't it get your attention?”

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