Cube QB-25 (2.5 by 2.5 meters) 5 sq/m

The QB25 model - 2.5x2.5m (5sq.m.) has place for a toilet, a bathroom, living space, a one-person bed, and a small compact kitchen. This tiny house can be ordered with the following fittings: siding wall exterior, a window, a front door, floor laminate, a toilet, a WC cabinet, plumbing, a shower, a kitchen counter, cabinets, sliding shelves, a sliding ladder door, ventilation or a conditioner. Wiring, lights, and switches are included in the base version. The house has a one-side roof which at its highest point is 3.20m and 2.40m at the lowest. All furniture is made of MDF or PDF boards. The wall behind the armchair allows installation of a bigger window, an AC unit, storage shelves, etc. The top kitchen cabinets can be replaced to make space for a TV. Airvent unit also can be installed there. All nonstructural components and materials can be changed and custom ordered. Units can be modified with an open wall or a second door connecting to another Cube. A good discount is offered for bulk orders in excess of 3 units. You can also buy plans for the cabin. The model can be shipped internationally in pre-cut form. Our tiny houses are free standing structures for which no permits are required. By most European, US and other countries codes, small premises like these are examined as service, agricultural, free standing, caravans, garden furniture etc.


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