AquaClimb Poolside Climbing Walls

It may not be as challenging as climbing some of the great peaks of the Himalayas, but the AquaClimb is a hell of a lot warmer and safer than a mountain. Towering and transparent, the AquaClimb Sport offers a new experience for amateur and professional rock climbers. A sleeker alternative to the AquaClimb Classic version, the AquaClimb Sport is much more challenging. The interesting design has been created by Christofer Born, an award winning industrial designer, which will change the whole scene of aquatic recreation. The AquaClimb Sport can be installed indoors or outdoors. Nevertheless, the idea of a swimmer’s splash rather than a crunching crash is sure to encourage people to embrace the height of the AquaClimb Sport rather than shy away from it.


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