Architectural Film: Save Money by Resurfacing Your Home!

Architectural Film comes in 500+ finishes in over 20 categories, including wood, metal, stone, fabric, high gloss, and carbon. It has the appearance and texture of these materials, but costs less, has less waste, and is installed quickly with no mess. It is resistant to abrasion, staining, chemicals, and dirt. It can be applied to almost any smooth substrate, whether flat or curved – including MDF, wood, metal, glass, drywall, stone, and more. This makes it suitable for walls, floors, ceilings, cabinetry, countertops, furniture, and windows. Architectural Film is ideal when you want the look of traditional materials but have budget constraints, or want to reuse existing substrates that are in good shape but out of date. So instead of removing an entire kitchen and putting in a new one, you can use Architectural Film to give your existing kitchen a new look for a much lower cost than buying brand new. The film is environmentally friendly, as it is not produced from trees or metal-bearing ores; has reduced solvent usage, lead pigments, and energy usage compared to similar materials; and contributes to LEED sustainability credits by reducing items sent to landfill through maintaining and reusing existing assets. With texture you can see and feel, identifiable wood grains, leather finishes, solid colours and soft weaves, you will be amazed at the transformation of your spaces, quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively.


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