Edition29 STRUCTURES 004 for iPad

EDITION29 STRUCTURES Issue 004 When a renowned Danish architect decides to construct a new house for himself and his family, you get a structure that changes the habits of the inhabitants. The result is the stunning Rieteiland House by architect Hans van Heeswijks that was designed on a plot of land that is part of a newly established island at IJburg on the outskirts of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Now instead of time at home dominated by watching media, the residents make time daily to enjoy the abundance of sunlight and nature that permeate the landscape seeping into the house. A glass façade covers the wall overlooking the water, while a moveable series of aluminum panels clad over the opposite side allows exposure to even more nature as needed. Architecture firm Fran Silvestre proposes a landmark tower in Spain that incorporates windmills and solar arrays, a landmark that modifies its proportions depending on the viewpoint and the effect of the sunlight; revealing an element in a constant evolution. An engraved tower devoted to the wind. In Austria, a Wilhelminian Style Villa is converted to a modern office space by architect Michael Neumann. From the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion in Snohetta with its carved wooden interior set within a minimal box to the perforated metal clad Raif Dinçkök cultural centre in Turkey, this Issue combs the four corners in bringing a collection of varied modern structures that deserve to be seen and heard about.

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