Hideaway in Italy - Locanda Rosa Rosae

This beautiful restoration began in 2004 with a passing glance of a shop window of an estate agent. Silvio spotted something for sale that resembled that of an old flour mill in the area of San Bartolomeo di Breda di Piave near Treviso, Italy. Although it seemed to be in a complete ruin, there was something that made Silvio want to go and see the place for himself. He took his wife Elisabetta with him and what they saw was beyond ruins. The roof was completely open, the ceilings had fallen through and there were even trees inside that had begun to make a home for themselves. Yet, within the trees, foliage and rubble, there was something intriguing about the place that didn’t make them walk away. Silvio isn’t short of experience when it comes to discovering potential. As an architect himself, he knew that he could restore this mill back to its former glory days.

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