the X base by Olda Zinke

The purity of the design equals its versatility. Made of stainless steel the X base is impervious to the ravages of time and weather. It is an assembly of 2 identical X elements and a connecting tube, held together by 2 joints that are conceived as a distinct, utterly functional design feature. Threaded holes in the ball ends of the X elements serve as attachment points for standard or custom hardware available to adapt the X base for a desired purpose. The design is modular. Through scaling the X elements and varying the length of the connecting tube I will build an X base that will carry virtually any type and any size of a top to perform as a table or a bench indoors or outdoors. On my website I am showing photographs and computer generated images, examples of what I have designed the X base for although how to use the X base is primarily up to your imagination.


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