Cannettata with a Dimmer Feature by DE MAJO

DE MAJO is pleased to announce that the new muse designed by Massimo losa Ghini, Cannettata, is now even more chic & eco friendly! This new sustainable and state-of-the-art design expresses the values of DE MAJO. The exclusive pendant lamp designed by Massimo losa Ghini is now available with a dimmering feature covering a 1-100% range, an adjustable PUSH function, 1-10 Vdc and DALI signal for offering greater LED lighting performance. We really wanted to improve on the LED technical performance for this unique design pedant lamp. This is how the idea of being available to adjust light intensity to personal requirements was developed, depending on the occasion as well as being energy saving respecting the environment. Cannettata is now even more multi-functional and versatile thanks to the PUSH feature. This system uses mains voltage as the dimmering signal making light dimmering practical, efficient in terms of the quality/price ratio and very user friendly. Conventional pushbuttons for the mains voltage have been used allowing you to turn the light on/off and dimmer light intensity from various different points. The 1-10 Vdc control interface is standard so that lighting fixtures can be adjusted using an analogical voltage signal ranging between 1V to 10V, offering a simple and reliable solution to adjust light intensity to personal needs. DALI is the standard digital signal technology used for managing appliances and devices, ensuring precise intensity management and satisfying lighting requirements surpassing previous 1-10Vdc interface solutions.


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