375 sq ft Greenwich Village Studio by Suchi Reddy

This fabulous Fifth Avenue studio was once a dentist’s office in a past life and became the new apartment home for designer Suchi Reddy of Reddymade Design, in Greenwich Village, New York. The cramped 375 square foot space fit her budget, a mere $400,000! Purchasing the home three years ago with wacky plumbing, Reddy was seduced by the late afternoon sunlight through the windows and the high ceilings and the fantastic view of the Gothic church across the street. Designing Manhattan luxurious Manhattan apartments for clients, Reddy knew the home had great potential and great bones. Reddy took on an eighteen month renovation, completely gutting the place. To get an idea of the volume and how everything was going to fit in the space, Reddy designed a dollhouse-size model without partitions. She even designed a scaled down version of herself to ensure she could freely move through the space without knocking into anything.

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