The $64,000 Scotch

Guests relaxing within the wood-paneled, Lalique-accented ambience of Macallan’s elegant £10 (Ten Pound) cocktail lounge at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel might expect to see Macallan 25 Year Old at $95, the 30-year-old Fine Oak at $170, and even the 1951 Macallan at $900, all served in Lalique owl-pattern glasses. But even the most jaded single-malt aficionados invariably do a double take at the $64,000 price for a single 50 ml vial of the Macallan 64 Years Old on the £10 oak-sheeted menu. At 85 proof, this dram of ultrarare Macallan is composed of three sherry-cask-aged single malts, filled, respectively, in 1942, 1945, and—making it the youngest—on January, 1946, which by law is the only year that can be referenced to denote the whisky’s age.


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