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The Imagine Tile and Art of Board collaboration brings a uniquely urban design genre to a sustainable and versatile surfacing solution, allowing designers, architects and homeowners to imbue any surface in any environment with the design in an incredibly durable, commercially rated product. The collection consists of a variety of alternating colors, patterns, and textures, unique to the skateboarding culture depicted perfectly in 3x6 ceramic wall tile. The second release of the collaboration will consist of a floor tile suitable for both interior and exterior use. Art of Board is a lifestyle brand that embodies the creative spirit, freedom, and individuality of skateboarding. The focus of the brand is to embrace and capture the soul of skateboarding and tell its story through stylish, functional, and sustainable design. To preserve and pay homage to the graphic art that adorns skateboard decks – the Art of Board. To keep wood waste out of landfills, support skateboard charities, skate shops and parks, and empower youth through its recycling movement, I Ride I Recycle. To constantly evolve and make truly original designs that are good for your life, body, and soul. Please feel free to contact us at 1 800 680 TILE with any additional questions or visit our website for the most updated product information.


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