Dakota by DE MAJO

Latest generation LED with an intense light yet soft and caressing at the same time. Perfect visual comfort purposely designed using indirect and warm lighting. “Contemporary Autumn 2012 by DE MAJO" - encompasses a range of design lighting fixtures which complement a number of other successful collections becoming the frame for Dakota - homage to the legendary 1930’s and 1940’s American plane, the Douglas, known as Dakota. This sconce has been designed by the creative Francesco Dei Rossi, author of many of DE MAJO’s bestsellers. This appealing and innovative sconce has been finally launched on the market after a year of research. An avant-garde lighting solution which doesn’t forget design and takes on form thanks to its gentle matt white lines. The LED version provides up to 2000 lumen creating a warm indirect light (3000 K) whilst at the same time intense. A sustainable design economically viable at a competitive price in its category offering quality and high design standards. As part of our tradition, we wanted to break away from the usual schemes. This is how the gold leaf model was created: technology which embraces a reinterpreted classic-chic design with just a touch of seduction guaranteeing an original and elegant furnishing solution. Beauty of the materials and meticulous care to detail combined with advanced technology for a modern transposition of “contemporary classics”. All of this is the Contemporary Autumn 2012 Collection by DE MAJO.

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