El Banco Deuno by usoarquitectura

Banco Deuno (Your-own Bank) is a new concept of the Mexican IXE Grupo Financiero where the communication among the client and the bank is very open and always the same. Under the concept of renovating the bank institutions, Banco Deuno confided in usoarquitectura to transform all the institutional precepts and corporate image into an interior design where the main core is the client’s experience. Color is the central element of the design concept. All the elements, from the collaborators uniforms to the front pieces integrated to the different buildings where the branches are located, are part of the daring color palette. The spatial language generated by this selection of colors, not common for bank institutions in Mexico, contains all the clients needs stipulated in the program. Every branch is different from the other representing a very big challenge for usoarquitectura who translated it into the integration of the general concept for each one.

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