Paga Todo by usoarquitectura

Space is the main factor that determines the interior design and operation of a company. The new corporate offices for Paga Todo presented a particular challenge because it was necessary to adapt to the clients demands and a 2,000 sq m area in a shopping center. A big wood box, inserted respecting the surrounding design, greets everyday collaborators and visitors. Inside the box were located the reception, support area and interview halls, on top of it, with a panoramic view of the finance area, the personalized area to serve the dealers. The client decided to implement in their office a lounge style cafeteria, like a hotel lobby, because before the relocation the majority of the collaborators preferred to work and meet in the close by cafeterias to enjoy a more relaxed ambiance. This space has all the necessary services and is a nice surprise for visitors because there are screens, complimentary computers with Internet connections and refreshments..


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