"Stick it" the tea candle holder for the playful romantic.

"Stick it" is the perfect gift for everybody. It can be sent very simple in a thin envelope, is fun to put together and looks very nice in every home. The pieces which "Stick it" is build of are from a sheet material and cut out by a laser. All 4 pieces you need for 4 candles are identical and cut out of one piece of material not bigger then 160x100mm. To hold one tea candle you have to stick two pieces together. Four pieces sticked together form a square that holds four candles but you can also stick as many pieces as you want together to form a large zick-zack candle line. If "Stick it" is not in use, it can be stored very thin what also makes it very easy to post as a gift.

Visit stickit-candle.com

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