Teragren Bamboo Colors by Abodian

Teragren Bamboo and Northwest Custom Woodworkers Abodian are excited to bring you Bamboo Colors - a new line of color infused bamboo panels in 19 different shades that can be beautifully crafted into custom cabinetry for a kitchen or living room remodel, or as a stand alone furniture piece. 9 different Eco-friendly, water based dyes are infused into either Natural or Caramelized bamboo. Depending on which base color is used the finished color can take on subtle differences in tone and hue, for a total of 18 bright, rich and unique colors:Tangueray Green, Chupacabra Red, Eldorado Yellow, Cardoba Brown, Manta Grey, Enfuego Deep Brown, Caliente Red, Tempest Blue and Kubric Black.

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