EDITION29 HOUSED 007 for iPad

EDITION29 HOUSED lets architects bring forward their handiwork and explain in their own words the essence of their amazing habitats. This issue starts with the FOBE House in Marrakesh, Morocco by Parisian architect GUILHEM EUSTACHE designed for a Belgian film director. This is the land of CINEMASCAPES, landscapes that lends itself to filming of great cinema including the Lawrence of Arabia. Here the architect delivered a totally cinematic setting fit for a grand director. He created a series of white earthen exotically modern minimal buildings and open-air outposts set on a large acreage of desert land populated only by palm trees. Here for the first time we present three audio segments for a single story, the story starts with the English speaking voice of the director, then followed by the French words of the architect, and in the extra content section we have the architect again.

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