J'Door by Scott McBee

New York based artist Scott McBee is many things. A noted nautical portraitist, painter, illustrator, and his hobby since fifteen has been building model ships. Often times without instructions. Scott is also a hoarder of sorts. All the top American and international glossy style magazines quickly pile up in his studio to cull clippings for his inspiration board. A year ago he decided they must go, but he felt there must be a way to upcycle them in keeping with his green ethic. So he created collages. Big ones. Scott quickly sold them to his coterie of art patrons. Then came the issue of his doors that he removed to create a better flow between his rooms. Didn't want to toss them either. So he made them into practical collages for people to use in their homes. Each door takes about 6 months to make, and sold for $8,000 a pair, proceeds going to charity.So in the end, no magazine died in vain.

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