The Stalasso pendant lamp was inspired on a dripping stalactite. It can be a single hanging 'drop' or a string with various light elements combined with a corresponding formation on the floor of the room. The two sides of the room can meet in a unique way and fuse into a light element. The Stalasso is multifunctional, in combination with other light elements (on various heights) it can add a special atmosphere to the room. This way you can create your own unique environment. For high ceilings various light elements can be placed on one string. According to your demands, the Stalasso suits private surroundings as well as public areas. (Greek root stalasso, (σταλάσσω) meaning "to drip") Designed by Joeri Claeys, from Ostend, Belgium. The Stalasso Pendent Lamp comes in two versions. The first hangs normally from the ceiling, opening up on the bottom for a directed glow while the second attaches both to the ceiling and floor, which allows the light the seep through the material it is made out of. It can have a transparant/gloss finish or a matt finish that diffuses the light.


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Joeri Claeys

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