US-based Mike Enayah, Designer of the Ria7 RRT

This is thought as a driver’s car better yet as a hardcore driver’s car. The RRT stands for Road, Rally, and Track. This rear-drive-only raw and brute machine comes with a mid-engine twin turbo 585hp V8 borrowed from the 5.0 Mustang and a 6 speed manual transmission. The RRT comes with spec role cage and race ready safety equipment, it also has roof helmet bubbles. The base model comes with heater only you can add AC and radio. No airbags no traction control just 2 Recaros with 5 point harness, the only insulation used is for heat. This mean machine is built over tubular frame with carbonfiber tub, and plastic body panels making the car weight less then 900km (2000lb). Mike Enayah designed this car with Pikes Peak climb in mind (just pay the registration fee and drive), but also the unique and striking look of the car makes it a head turner on Rodeo Drive, or even Monaco. Courtesy of Enayah, it has been made sure that the cabin has enough space for at least 2 helmets, and, with a little luck, a couple of grocery bags.


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