The Scent of a Woah! Man!

Archer Air Superiority Room Sprays It seems most air fresheners have been designed to remove the scent of ‘homme’ from a room. With their floral notes and sweet fragrances, they’re the very opposite of gentlemanly musk. Which is why the Archer Air Superiority range of 3 high quality room sprays is such a breath of fresh lair. We’re not talking mud, sweat and beers – we’re talking about those rich, natural, earthy aromas that make men feel like growing huge beards and punching a mammoth. The brain-child of a trio of creatives from an award winning agency in Chicago, these residence-refreshing fragrances were dreamed up after the realisation that air fresheners are traditionally marketed strictly towards women. European Sports Car is a blend of worn leather, brute force, aftershave and overconfidence, while Distillery kicks like a Tennessee mule whilst offering hints of charred oak and sour mash. Hunting Lodge is reminiscent of hearth stone, gunpowder, rain-swollen timber and complete dominance of the food chain All fired from the can by eco-friendly nitrogen-based propellant. But where can you find these uniquely man-centric potions for your pied-a-terre? Exclusively at The Fowndry of know it makes scents. The 3 sprays are available individually for £14.99.


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