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Wine for a Cooler Future

HOST have spent over 12 months in R&D inventing an ingenious, lightweight, effective 3-in-1 cooling wand. Just chill the cooling wand in the freezer for two hours. When you’re ready to serve, pour your first glass of wine then insert it into the bottle. The frozen wand will chill your wine, whilst not watering it down. Each time you pour, HOST Chill has a resourceful funnel, which means you can leave the wand in your bottle as it acts as a spout, perfectly chilling your wine as it leaves the bottle. No more dripping ice cubes over the tablecloth or embarrassing drips on your beige trousers. When you’re done, HOST Chill comes with its own handy stopper. So if you want to save the rest of the bottle for another day or prevent bugs from flying inside, simply pop it in the top. Small enough to leave in the fridge or kitchen drawer until needed, this really is a wine gadget that will earn its keep. Chill, pour and preserve in style. Available in 4 modern vibrant colour trims: Lime, Turquoise, Pink and Grey.


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