How to Decorate a Room with White Walls

You’re like me and you’ve rented for years in residences with a “no paint” rule, you know the look of the white-walled interior! In fact, you may begin to associate white walls with a lack of choices, but today we take a look at a few strategies for making your bright space shine! And I’ll let you in on a little secret… When I did finally move to a space that I could personalize with paint, I chose to keep many of the walls white. Why? Because there’s just something about a clean, crisp look. In fact, white walls have a way of setting the stage for vibrant decor. Not to mention, there’s a refreshing vibe that results from a white space with white or neutral accents. Whether you choose to play up the neutrals, insert bright pops of color or create a gallery effect in your white-walled interior, we think you’ll find design inspiration in the images below…


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