Cheeky Velosport Bike Shop

Located in Warners Bay, NSW, Australia (2 hrs north of Sydney) this project involved the demolition of the existing office interior of a commercial warehouse in Warners Bay and the design and construction of an iconic cycle shop fitout and exterior branding. The project involved a very close collaboration with the client in order to produce a solution that was both functional and visually memorable. The key concept of the shop was the journey from the outside, through the entry “cave”, then into the large open main area using the existing volume of the space to create a drama for the user, which essentially removed the user from the external environment. The primary feature of the shop is the illuminated display boxes that stack against the walls and run around the inside perimeter of the shop. The intention here was to display the different styles of bikes in a way that hi-lights their importance and gives them an instant prominence within the shop.


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