The Fossil Project

The fossil project emerges from the dirtiest places in the industry- professional painting factories that use polyurethane paint. At the end of the day, there are many samples of colors that are not usable anymore since they have been mixed with the B component (the reacting material). I asked several paint shops to pour this paints leftovers at the end of the day into molds I made specially for that purpose. Many elements affect the drying procedure of the paint- time, heat, humidity, UV light, measures and dosage between the paint and the hardener material. with so many elements affecting the drying process, many interesting phenomenons happen by mistake. After working on it for a period of 6 months to two years, I got 4.5kg of polyurethane chunks of material combined from 1000’s of layers that stuck and attached to one another. The material is very durable, strong and reacts well under carving techniques.


Materialized by

Studio Kagan

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