Comida y Luz Comida y Pan

The cafeteria and the restaurant are set in the Executive Building, which was designed by the Spanish architects NO.MAD. The sobriety of the predefined rooms was impressive and looked more like the rooms of a sacred building than the rooms of a restaurant. From our point of view and the one of the client, the guest rooms should be more comfortable and appealing. The balancing act of the design was on the one hand to incorporate the unique architectural specification of the premises and on the other hand to combine the specific wishes of the client. Other challenges were the concrete surfaces, the high-ranking guest room in combination with the low room of the bar area on the ground floor and the unconventional layout specification and the development of the smoking terrace on the 6th floor. Very important was the dealing with the extravagate facades, which have different sized and different high and wide arranged windows. Due to the existing poor room acoustic, other acoustic measures were set, which at the same time form the layout of the room. Its the acoustic panels whose tetris-like arrangement is formally inspired by the design of the outside faade. In return of the prevailing gray of the concrete surfaces and the floors in the foyer, we decided to run the floor, the materials of the furniture and the acoustic panels on the walls in a darker color. A darker color gives the room a better fit to its limits. The choice of coloring dark inside, outside light is also based on the choice of the color of the building. As in the public spaces of the building, we also used mirrors to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, room and illusion. Streetart and graphic elements frame the rooms additionally. The white wooden set up and the 4 Meter high, oversized table lamps are inspired by the establishment of the Vienna Prater and works as a reminder of the near surrounding.


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