SHAPL: travel containers

SHAPL is a travel container with a whole new level of mobility and usability. When you need to take a shower outside of your home, just grab our conveniently sized unit. SHAPL cling to glass or tile surfaces. If you have children, you can put SHAPL on their eye-level. Then they can enjoy showering themselves! Instead of reaching with both hands for your shower supplies, you only have to use one hand when SHAPL units are linked together. Four ready-made labels and two customizable labels come with each unit, making distinguishing liquids quick and easy. Three or more SHAPL containers of any size can link together for greater portability. And SHAPL is BPA-free; easy to squeeze, access, and refill; and has no leakage. SHAPL is also carry-on approved. It follows the “3-1-1” rule for liquids in carry-on luggage.


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