The original merino cycling jerseys by De Marchi

In 1946 Emilio De Marchi, after being a racing cyclist himself, became actively involved with some of the first professional cycling teams ever established. At that time, quality cycling apparel was very hard to come by, so Emilio and wife Emma, who were asked by many fellow cyclists, started a small homemade production of cycling clothing in the 1930's. Emilio De Marchi's Maglificio Sportivo actively contributed to creating the first technical cycling clothing created for the sport he loved, as opposed to more generic "sports" clothes that were more easily available back then. Today De Marchi is a modern and well known brand of cycling wear, but the original, authentic wool jerseys of Bobet, Gimondi, Moser & co. are still produced with the same old technology and care, including grandma Elda De Marchi embroidering the logos on the front. Now available to buy online. Free worldwide delivery.


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