Upcycling Recycled Bicycles For Edgy Interior Street Art

The lines and dialogued changed, the relationships came and went, the hair was curled, the hair was straight, the issues were good and bad, but one thing that never changed on comedian Jerry Seinfelds 90s NBC Sitcom self titled show, was the bicycle on the wall. We never saw him ride it, in fact the loveable, crazy supporting characters always were inclined to borrow Seinfelds car, but there his bike hung proudly at the juncture entrance of bath and bedroom. So maybe it wasnt there to imitate an authentic New Yorkers apartment. Maybe the set designer was onto something and painted a metaphoric picture of street art with street wheels. Maybe the set design was just into design. And so here we are, seeking ways to reincarnate pleasurable hobbies into works of art.

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