Snail shell fair booth

The Snail shell like trade fair booth at swissbau 2014 is surrounded by 156 wave-like elements made of glassfibre-reinforced concrete. It attracted many visitors to the pavilion, which was designed by Carlos Martinez Architects. The interior of the booth was designed as a snail with curved corridors, where visitors could get lost in numerous inspirations for creative facade design. The facade of the trade fair booth is dominated by 156 slender white, vertically arranged concrete fins with a length of up to 4m and a rectangular cross-section of 10 x 12cm. The modular formwork is made to the architect's individual design and allows numerous geometries, including concave, convex, symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, with acute and oblique angles. The specially developed production technology by Austrian manufacturer Rieder guarantees a monolithic appearance of the fibreC fins with a consistent quality of exposed concrete. The glassfibre-reinforced concrete elements are dyed througout with natural colour pigments, and the use of different colours and surfaces allow for creative design highlights on the building shell.


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