Lake Daylesford Country House, Australia

Situated just an hour and a half away from Melbourne, you will find Daylesford - a picturesque town. Known amongst locals as Down Under's SPA capital, the settlement bursts with live due to the countless big and small SPA retreats and resorts. While some are ultra-modern, others preserve the atmosphere and looks of an era long gone. The years of the Gold Rush have left Daylesford with colourful and well preserved historical buildings, made of bluestone, sandstone and granite. Lake Daylesford Country House is one of those amazing constructions. Owners have fully retained its 1850's architecture and added a luxury twist. The dazzling combination of typical Victorian exterior and French Provincial interior are completed with a full set of modern-day luxuries. Take a stroll through the opulent bedrooms, rose-covered landscaped garden, stunning dining room and cheerful kitchen.


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