Coat of Arms - Custom Playing Card Deck

The Coat of Arms Playing Card Deck is the 100% custom original art. The Coat of Arms Deck was inspired by medieval coat of arms. Kickstarter campaign features the Coat of Arms deck, Dark Ages deck -limited edition, card cases, 3d black nickel coin, poker chips and more. The inspiration behind the Coat of Arms Deck was my parents Family Crest on our wall in my childhood home. I thought it would be unique and interesting to have different images inspired by medieval coat or arms in a deck of cards. This is my first Kickstarter playing card project. Back in 2008 I was intrigued by an article I read in a Magazine about a beta site called Kickstarter. I have read the article many times over the years. I still have the article in my office I knew one day I wanted to put some of my ideas on Kickstarter. Now my dream is coming true.


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