MRD iPhone Case

Lets face it: most iPhone cases are an after thought - often a piece of flimsy, insubstantial plastic that cheapens the beauty and feel of the phone. That is why I designed the Aegis iPhone case, wallet, and combination wallet & case system. The CNC machined process and subsequent finishing steps allow us to maintain the same level of visual and tactile design as the Apple product with a measurement accuracy level of .0005 inches thats less than the diameter of a human hair. This whole idea came about two years ago when I hit the reset button amidst a revelation that I needed to love what I do everyday. I operated my own design manufacturing facility for 16 years but missed the days back at Art Center in Pasadena when all we did was design and create. My career has ranged from being a freelance graphic designer at Disney to positions in advertisingdesign firms in Los Angeles. But I needed to go back to my roots, and my first endeavor became the iPhone 55S protective shells. Machined out of a solid block of 6061 aluminum, glass bead blasted, and anodized in the very same process as current Apple products, the 1.9 ounce iPhone case is designed to be a thin, durable, outer shell that mimics the design integrity of the iPhone itself. The chamfered edges and bead-blasted finish are an extension of the inherent beauty of the Apple products. The nanofoam suction pad securely holds the phone in place ensuring that your case and phone do not separate when an impact occurs.


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