2019 China academy award 3D wall decor tile UNI

With unique irregular shape and 3D pattern, The product, UNI, has innovated out a new kind of decorative tiles. The design inspiration comes from the kaleidoscope's varied irregular patterns and abstracts them into 3D shapes. Concise arcs, irregular shapes, texture, which are combined with many changes to create new patterns decoration. Original 3D Design Eco-friendly Durable Fire-protection Free Combination DIY With eco-friendly material melamine resin, the product is environmental protection, lightweight, beautiful, non-fragile, fire-resistant. The products moulding process can produce various shapes, colors and surface textures of 3D tiles. Combinations of products can put out new patterns, and it is easy to install and DIY. 3D tiles have original design intellectual property rights and technical patents.

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