Award design of 3D wall decor wave panel, Windmill

Exclusive patent products, 3dboard won golden award of Sichuan-Taiwan industry design awards 2013. Pulp molding process, high temperature and high pressure, the innovation of interior wall decoration board. Free combination, convenient installation, provides a new idea of combining art and decorative products for the users, but also has the connotation of fashion culture. Easy installation, can be DIY. 3D wall decorative panels The creation of a new kind of wall decoration products, light weight, convenient installation and transportation, their own TV wall installation, but also can play the owners own creative, free combination. The renovation and decoration, flexible and feasible to adjust the wall decoration. Non-Pollution. The physical process of production, Biodegradable. 3D wall art wave panel coverings. 100% plant fiber as raw materials bamboo and cane, physical prototyping, production process clean environmental protection, has lead to the development of environmental protection industry in the local factory. For users complete environmental health, no harmful matter release when installed indoor. Three-dimensional modeling, the user can free combination, re-creation. Award design of 3D wall decor wave panel, Windmill


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