How To Create Modern Victorian Interiors

Owning a character-laden Victorian home sounds dreamy until you move in and discover that the ancient antiquity runs throughout the home including the wiring, roofing and windows. Thats fine, you can just remodel, right? Well, sometimes its not all that simple. Remodeling a Victorian home is not only costly and time consuming, but before modernizing a historical home you may have to jump through the hoops of historical and preservation societies, as well. Read Why You Should or shouldntBuy A Fixer Upper to learn more about remodeling an older home. Despite all the obstacles, the intrigue of owning an age-old Victorian home is still strong for some. We can understand why when these wonderful homes are so chock-full of character and craftsman qualities that are hard to come by in most modern homes. Aside from costly remodeling, how can we mesh modern interiors into our ancient home? Or on the flip side, how can we take our modern home and decorate it with a touch of Victorian charm. Meshing modern design with a Victorian flair can be done in any home.


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