Best Architecture Photographer Announced at the World Architecture Festival 2014

This years Best Architecture Photographer won recognition with a fantastic photo of Zaha Hadids Heydar Aliyev Centre staircase in the center of Baku, Azerbaijan. The dynamic duo of Hufton + Crow was named Architectural Photographer of the Year 2014 by Arcaid Images following a competition and announced in Singapore at the World Architecture Festival 2014. Twenty photographs competed in the 2014 Arcaid Images Architectural Photography Awards. The photo that received the highest score from the judges was chosen after careful consideration and was included in the Interior category. Four categories shaped the competition exterior, interior, sense of place, and buildings in use. The title for best architectural photographer was won with a photograph capturing the fluid geometry of the centers staircase. Dedicated to creating inspiring and striking photographs of contemporary interior and exterior architecture around the world, British photography duo Hufton + Crow in association with Sto and supported by World Architecture Festival WAF received their coveted prize for best architectural photographer. The two experienced photographers with complementary skills also received runner-up in the awards exterior category.


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