Dornbracht Kitchen Faucets and Bathroom Taps - Innovative and Sleek

Dornbracht is a family-run manufacturing company located in Germany that makes high quality luxury bathroom and kitchen faucets and bathroom decor for the home. The materials used are only the best, and the design of the products are unmatched in innovation and class. They offer a wide range of design styles, ranging all the way from the classical lines of the Tara collections, to the sleek and modern look of Dornbracht Lulu and Supernova. When it comes to their work, there is no denying the elegance and culture that comes with any Dornbracht fixure and the feeling it brings to the room, whether it be modernity, class, or just completion. Dornbracht also collaborates with famous designers to be on the cutting edge of design, technology, and form; and no kitchen faucet or bathroom fixture needs to compromise its functionality for its beauty, Dornbracht products are beautifully functional. With bathroom faucets, shower heads, rainfall showers, waterfall showers, electrical shower systems with light up shower heads, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy, and kitchen faucets that are pull-down or pull out faucets, with sidesprays and pre-rinse faucets, the variety that Dornbracht offers is huge.


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