Linkasink Sinks and Decorative Drains - Bright and Beautiful

Linkasink are the makers of unique kitchen and bathroom sinks using an eclectic and wide range of materials, such as mosaic tiles, crystals, porcelain, stone, bronze, and copper. Each sink is handmade and truly makes a statement. They make a wide variety of sinks for all needs, both undermount and vessel sinks, which will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom, kitchen, and even your home. Linkasink products offer up a change in pace with their brilliant and bright color choices, and meticulous and striking embellishments. However Linkasink didn't stop there. No sink is complete without the perfect decorative drain to go with it. When you think of a drain you likely think of the classic plain drains, and Linkasink has some traditional looking drains as well, but the main event are their decorative drains. Each hand crafted drain is one-of-a-kind. Some have stones, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, the list goes on, and some are molded into different shapes like their series of animals, florals, and other artsy designs. With impeccable taste and design aesthetic, Linkasink products fit every space and even enhance it.


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