A Vanity For Every Bathroom - Fairmont Designs

Fairmont Designs makes detailed and beautiful vanities and has been for over 20 years. The styles of vanities they make span a huge range, with rustic, modern, casual, and more! One of the more popular of their vanity collections is the Rustic Chic collection, with vanities ranging from 21 all the way up to a 60 double sink vanity. The whole collection is made from weathered oak, giving it a look that is true to the rustic name. Another best seller is the Smithfield collection, which also has a range of sizes. With a more modern look than the rustic vanities, Smithfield vanities can be dressed up to sophistication with the mink finish, or dressed down to be casual with the gray finish. Finally, Fairmont Toledo is a series of open shelf vanities. Each vanity in the collection consists of some kind of closed storage, either a drawer or a cabinet or both, and an open shelf for additional storage. Made from pine, and all with same driftwood gray finish, the final product is great for any bathroom.

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