Fontanots Big Statement for Small Spaces

City living can be lively, invigorating and full of opportunity. Unfortunately, that opportunity doesn't always come in the form of living space. We must sacrifice the luxury of a four bedroom apartment with a large, sprawling living room, and accept the tiny studio apartment, or if we're lucky, a loft. Transforming that loft apartment into a modern space fit to be called home, can be quite difficult when taking into consideration the small-scale proportions that a city apartment allows. It's here that we must get creative, and at the same time welcome a bit of Italian flair into the home. Italian designer, Fontanot has solved the decorating puzzle for small spaces...with their stairs at least. Pixima Mini, by Fontanot, is their smallest staircase that makes the biggest statement. With alternating wood treads, a design common in space saving designs, Pixima Mini features 54 cm wide treads in dark tinted, solid beachwood with varnished steel supports in chrome. The railing is composed of varnished steel balusters and stainless steel cables that can be crossed in five different patterns for flexibility in design and preference. Pixima Mini also features a wood-effect handrail made out of PVC with an aluminum core. The wood-effect handrail gives the classic look but unlike wood is easier to clean and not easily worn over time. Finally for the ultimate feature, Pixima Mini is DIY, eliminating the use of a contractor in installing the staircase. What was once thought to be solely a contract job, is now something that can be done with the help of a friend in one afternoon. And with the variety of options for customization, the staircase can be designed via a few clicks on the website prior to purchase. It has literally become a DIY project from beginning to end. Solving space issues and going easy on your wallet, Pixima Mini is the ideal solution to your interior decorating needs when making the most of the tiniest space.


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